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• Air bags and tidal volume bags
• Air bellows
• Anaesthesia circuits
• Anaesthesia machines, vaporizers, nebulizers, and inhalers designed for individual human use
• Anaesthesia masks (including laryngeal)
• Anti-siphon equipment
• Block and epidural trays packaged for individual use
• Endotrach tubes
• Head straps and harnesses
• Hyperinflation systems
• In-line filters and cartridges, thermometers, CO2 detectors, sodalime canisters, and temperature and moisture exchangers (note: gas mask canisters, other than sodalime canisters designed for anaesthesia systems, require a specific license)
• Intubation sets, probes and related equipment
• Anaesthesiometers
• Oral airways
• Peripheral nerve stimulators
• Anaesthesia pressure tubes and controllers
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training manikins and lung bags
• Vibration dampening mounts